Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A,B,C Mat!

Alyson at Oopsy Daisey has a great take on the "Twister" mat so your little guys can practice their "A,B,C's" !   Fun, Fun!!!

Check it out!  It looks both fun and easy.

Here are some helpful tips from Alyson.

"* Ask your child to find a letter and perform an action.  (Hop on the letter “J”)

* Ask your child to put a different body part on a specific letter.  This ends up looking a lot like Twister! (Put your nose on the letter “N”)

* Play a “Simon Says” game.  (Simon says to hop to the letter “B”)

* Play music and let your child hop from letter to letter to the music.  Stop the music and ask child to identify what letter he/she is standing on.

* For more advanced children, hop from letter to letter to spell out entire words."

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