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Inquiry on every page
The ScienceFusion write-in Student Edition is built to address the unique learning needs of today's students. From the verbal/visual format on every two-page spread to the critical thinking developed on every page, ScienceFusion provides all learners with access to the content and skills required for science success.

From Trivium Academy
"Invertebrate Science Lessons"

Last night i set up my twitter account for this project.  Follow me if you may be my first follow...hehe!  There are alot of homeschoolers on Twitter as well as lots of helpful, quick information.  Anyway, i came across a wonderful home school mom who shared a great link.  Wow!  Sometimes, when our children aren't "getting" it when we try to explain things, it is good for them to hear it in another way, from a fresh source.  It has an exercise dashboard, video library, and more.  This is That source.  Check it out!
and their wonderful vids...

Like you, I am always searching for resources to jazz up my curriculum. well, the other night, I hit a motherlode!
It is called Ellen McHenry's Basement Workshop. There are fun, hands-on creative ideas from latin to science. We had a great time with the Brain Hemisphere Hat!

Pioneer Woman has great picts.  Check out this idea for science.

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