Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Opportunities Await!


 Chris Davis, chris@... writes:

 Government of Israel reaches out to Christian homeschoolers!

 The academic leaders and government ministers of Israel have created a unique
opportunity for current and future Christian homeschooled students.

 Israel desires to build a generation of Goodwill Ambassadors from among
Christians who already have a heart for Israel. To this end, Israel's Prime
Minister is inviting Christian educators to participate in a prototype of what
the government is calling The Israel Goodwill Ambassador Academy. Although the
initial focus was to be Christian college and university students, after meeting
with some American homeschooling parents last month, the Academy has decided to
design its programs especially with Christian homeschooled students in mind.

 I have been asked to invite you-homeschooling leaders and parents-to
participate in this gathering because Israel recognizes that Christian
homeschooled students are the future opinion-leaders of their respective
countries. It is Israel's desire to provide our students with accurate,
on-the-ground facts regarding Israel's place in the world as part of our
students' home education experience.

 A prototype of The Israel Goodwill Ambassador Academy will be held in Israel
this September 17th - 25th. As far as I know, this is the first time a foreign
government has expressly asked homeschoolers to partner with them for the
purpose of sustaining their country's future. This is a historic opportunity for
Christian homeschoolers to benefit the nation of Israel.

 What is The Israel Goodwill Ambassador Academy?

 As the governments of the world back away from their support for Israel,
Israel has realized that evangelical Christians may be their best (and, perhaps,
only) friends. This fully accredited Academy will counter the negative and
non-factual information being disseminated by the media and other information
outlets. Through seminars, forums, discussions, and travel to important
locations in Israel, leading experts in the government, military, financial and
academic sectors will provide the experience and higher education our students

 Who is inviting me to this gathering?

 The invitation to participate in the first Academy comes directly from
Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's Prime Minister, who will welcome us to this first
ever event. The invitation is being extended to educational leaders, especially
to English-speaking Christian homeschool leaders and parents.

 What responsibility will I have at this gathering?

 As a participant, your responsibility will be to attend all meetings. When
several meetings are being held concurrently, you will choose the meeting you
feel will best help homeschooled students understand Israel and her future. Your
second responsibility will be to give input to the Academy's leaders as to how
you feel future Academies may be improved for the sake of the homeschoolers you

 How do I show my interest in attending and receiving more information
(including cost, itinerary, etc.)?

 Contact chris@..., Ph: 931-287-9312 to receive PDF file in
three parts:

 1) The letter of invitation from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 2) The
itinerary for September's prototype Academy (note: exact times and locations of
meetings with the Prime Minister, government officials and special guests are
not noted for security reasons), and 3) The Registration Form.

 If you are interested in attending, contact me immediately to let me know and
with any questions you may have.

 A final request:

 It is important that the notice of this gathering get into the hands of as
many homeschoolers as possible. I have only sent it to those whom I know
personally. Please forward it to those you know, either by sending it to your
Facebook "friends", by including it in your newsletter, by placing it on your
website, or by any other means. I do not want this opportunity to pass by
someone who would be truly interested in attending simply because he or she did
not know about it.

 Thank you for your cooperation. I hope to see many of you in Israel this

 Chris Davis, North American Homeschool Representative

 The Israel Goodwill Ambassador Academy, Jerusalem, Israel

 chris@... * U.S. Phone 931-287-9312

Monday, August 22, 2011