Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Great "Take" on Home Educating Boys

Another Mom of a few Boys has shared her thoughts on learning. If you are feeling like you are spinning your wheels, take a minute to be refreshed!  Wendy, at Living Creatively, always has some great kinetic learning ideas  that will get you back on track.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A,B,C Mat!

Alyson at Oopsy Daisey has a great take on the "Twister" mat so your little guys can practice their "A,B,C's" !   Fun, Fun!!!


Check it out!  It looks both fun and easy.

Here are some helpful tips from Alyson.

"* Ask your child to find a letter and perform an action.  (Hop on the letter “J”)

* Ask your child to put a different body part on a specific letter.  This ends up looking a lot like Twister! (Put your nose on the letter “N”)

* Play a “Simon Says” game.  (Simon says to hop to the letter “B”)

* Play music and let your child hop from letter to letter to the music.  Stop the music and ask child to identify what letter he/she is standing on.

* For more advanced children, hop from letter to letter to spell out entire words."

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nature Journaling

We are in full swing with our Nature Notebook group.  There has been some discussion about  Charlotte Mason notebooking and the dear mother coordinating our group came up with this Jewel!

If you are in need of a good look at what Nature Journaling is all about, this blog will give you the eye candy you have been looking for.  



Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Say Something in Welsh (for free!!)

"Become a Welsh speaker - join the world's largest class!

Find out why over 15,000 people use our award-winning course

You don't need to read or write or do any revision - you just start speaking normally and naturally from the very beginning.

But we don't expect you to take our word for it!

Listen to the first lesson right here, right now - either the northern or the southern version - and if you like it, you can access another 25 half-hour lessons for free by filling in the form below.

SSiW Lesson 1 (northern)       SSiW Lesson 1 (southern)

You can also get a monthly email with free practice sessions, Welsh videos, Welsh proverbs, highlights from the forum and news about the course -"




learning Multiplication Facts!

Spell Outloud Homeschool

"Times Alive, by City Creek Press, is an interactive game that uses stories, songs, and quizzes to help teach children multiplication facts from the zero's through the nine's times tables. "

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Opportunities Await!


 Chris Davis, chris@... writes:

 Government of Israel reaches out to Christian homeschoolers!

 The academic leaders and government ministers of Israel have created a unique
opportunity for current and future Christian homeschooled students.

 Israel desires to build a generation of Goodwill Ambassadors from among
Christians who already have a heart for Israel. To this end, Israel's Prime
Minister is inviting Christian educators to participate in a prototype of what
the government is calling The Israel Goodwill Ambassador Academy. Although the
initial focus was to be Christian college and university students, after meeting
with some American homeschooling parents last month, the Academy has decided to
design its programs especially with Christian homeschooled students in mind.

 I have been asked to invite you-homeschooling leaders and parents-to
participate in this gathering because Israel recognizes that Christian
homeschooled students are the future opinion-leaders of their respective
countries. It is Israel's desire to provide our students with accurate,
on-the-ground facts regarding Israel's place in the world as part of our
students' home education experience.

 A prototype of The Israel Goodwill Ambassador Academy will be held in Israel
this September 17th - 25th. As far as I know, this is the first time a foreign
government has expressly asked homeschoolers to partner with them for the
purpose of sustaining their country's future. This is a historic opportunity for
Christian homeschoolers to benefit the nation of Israel.

 What is The Israel Goodwill Ambassador Academy?

 As the governments of the world back away from their support for Israel,
Israel has realized that evangelical Christians may be their best (and, perhaps,
only) friends. This fully accredited Academy will counter the negative and
non-factual information being disseminated by the media and other information
outlets. Through seminars, forums, discussions, and travel to important
locations in Israel, leading experts in the government, military, financial and
academic sectors will provide the experience and higher education our students

 Who is inviting me to this gathering?

 The invitation to participate in the first Academy comes directly from
Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's Prime Minister, who will welcome us to this first
ever event. The invitation is being extended to educational leaders, especially
to English-speaking Christian homeschool leaders and parents.

 What responsibility will I have at this gathering?

 As a participant, your responsibility will be to attend all meetings. When
several meetings are being held concurrently, you will choose the meeting you
feel will best help homeschooled students understand Israel and her future. Your
second responsibility will be to give input to the Academy's leaders as to how
you feel future Academies may be improved for the sake of the homeschoolers you

 How do I show my interest in attending and receiving more information
(including cost, itinerary, etc.)?

 Contact chris@..., Ph: 931-287-9312 to receive PDF file in
three parts:

 1) The letter of invitation from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 2) The
itinerary for September's prototype Academy (note: exact times and locations of
meetings with the Prime Minister, government officials and special guests are
not noted for security reasons), and 3) The Registration Form.

 If you are interested in attending, contact me immediately to let me know and
with any questions you may have.

 A final request:

 It is important that the notice of this gathering get into the hands of as
many homeschoolers as possible. I have only sent it to those whom I know
personally. Please forward it to those you know, either by sending it to your
Facebook "friends", by including it in your newsletter, by placing it on your
website, or by any other means. I do not want this opportunity to pass by
someone who would be truly interested in attending simply because he or she did
not know about it.

 Thank you for your cooperation. I hope to see many of you in Israel this

 Chris Davis, North American Homeschool Representative

 The Israel Goodwill Ambassador Academy, Jerusalem, Israel

 chris@... * U.S. Phone 931-287-9312

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Learning with Visual Latin is F.U.N. !


::Visual Latin ::
Laugh Through Latin and Master English!
Welcome to the funniest way to learn two languages

My Experience
While latin is not new around our home, the focus has been on vocabulary.  But, now that 2 of the boys are older, it is time to delve into sentence structure.  I have been very nervous about trying new programs due to initial costs and the possibility of them being a complete failure.  I stepped out once with what I considered a great program, but, the all text format  wasn't working for the boys.  Since then, I have come across Visual Latin and they gave me the opportunity to give an open review.

The teacher for the Visual Latin videos is Dwane Thomas.  Mr. Thomas has been teaching latin for 15 years and his wife homeschools their 5 children.
Thomas Purifoy, Jr., is the producer for Visual Latin.  Compass Cinema, has already produced 2 other series; Modern Parables and Seek Social Justice.  Mr. Purifoy's wife homeschools their 3 girls

Each lesson is divided into 3 parts:

Each part averages ~7 minutes and is followed by a worksheet so the student can immediately put to use what they have learned before moving on.  
This set up allows for the flexibility in scheduling and pacing that is needed in homeschooling. The lessons can also be synched with your phone or IPad to take advantage of windshield time or other down time.

The See, Hear, Write format of Visual Latin is top notch for retention!

Dwane's relaxed and funny teaching style is both interactive and engaging. 
My boys have commented on how much more they are retaining in this course and they love his random references.  The younger boy also adds "...It doesn't cram a lot at you at once so I can remember more..." and  "...Mr. Thomas is funny!"

Here are 4 free introductory videos plus 2 free lessons (click here!) that you should try!  They are rather addicting, so, try at your own risk ;)

The Take Away
The guys at Visual Latin love language and their enthusiasm shows.  The course work reinforces the student's understanding of English while learning Latin. You purchase the lessons in sets as downloads (I had no problem downloading the lessons) or DVD's. Each set includes the videos, instructions, worksheets and answers.  

The Best Part!
Visual Latin has offered to give a 25% off coupon to my readers!  Use the code Latin Is Fun in their store. The coupon is good for only 3 days, so take a quick peek now :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I love kites.  Like you couldn't tell with my circling kites at the top of my page... Well, it's kite weather(!)and I am ready to release my kites with my children for some flying fun.  Are you ready??   Tell me about your favorite Spring Fling!

Don't Forget the Mean 'Ol School Marm!

via Ree Drummond AKA The Pioneer Woman

The Basics of the Romantic Period


Matisse Art Fun!

Matisse fir kids


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Drawdio: Turn Almost Anything Into a Theremin

First Grade Science: STC™ - Comparing Woodland and Freshwater Plants

How to Set Up a Terrarium

Dry Ice Explosion

Free Reading Lessons w/ Downloadable Books

"ReadingLessons.com is a free program that uses step-by-step lessons to help teachers and parents to teach children to read, write and spell.
In Level One there are 60 lessons, which are spead over twelve weeks. It's very important to use the lessons in order, as each lesson builds upon what has been taught in the preceeding lessons."