Friday, October 29, 2010

Thorough and Worth a Look

Wow!  what a great resource for world geography.  No dumbing down here. Lesson Plans and all!

Homeschool Helps

A plethora of useful helps. From unit studies to record keeping. Knowledge sharing is a beautiful thing.

Geography Worksheets and Printables

Map work is FUN!

These geography worksheets help make learning more engaging for children.

What is Yuck?

Maureen Spell, from spell out loud, has tried a new product!  My kids love "hands on" learning.

Yuck products are various types of slime. They are made from an acrylic polymer and each Yuck type is different

Friday, October 8, 2010

Pioneer Woman

You need this Link.

"Homeschoolers Tell All"

Homeschoolers Tell All

"What kind of people homeschool? What do they do all day? Visit these blogs where homeschoolers tell all the gory details of what it’s like not to send their children to school."

"Four Homeschooling Questions"

How Important is Interest

Teaching to the student and developing talents is an advantage of homeschooling.
Incorporating Your Kid’s Interests into Your Curriculum

A Link and Some Fun

growing with your students.

"In my own teaching experience, both in individual and classroom settings, the best programs work for both the instructor and the student(s). Obviously, it’s a bit easier to tailor something to fit these needs in an individual setting; when I taught school, I’d just make sure to use a variety of methods – didactic, experiential – to ensure that I’d speak to all the different learning styles present in the room."

Making Changes to Your Homeschool Curriculum


Fun in a box!

Product Review: Science on a Tracking Expedition

Pioneer Woman and the Human Body

Pioneer Woman has great picts.  Check out this idea for science.
Stomach Soup? Eeeew!

Can Homeschoolers Do Well in College?

Everyone has an opinion (or at least a statistic). College for homeschoolers?